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OFP Watch / OFPMonitor - server monitoring tools

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OFP Watch / OFPMonitor - server monitoring tools

Post  Frenzy on Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:47 pm

"rea pls"

"One of the biggest hassles with Operation Flashpoint in multiplayer is the waiting in the lobby at my favourite game server for the next game to start. Often I alt+tab out to read my email or surf the net. When I later alt+tab back I find that I missed the new mission start and I'm stuck in the lobby for another 30 minutes or god knows how long for an ongoing RTS or co-op mission."

  • OFP Watch will do this waiting for you and let you know when the current mission is over or reassigned. OFP Watch also works as a launcher and integrated addon manager.
    (OFP Dream Team MFCTI PL is currently @

  • OFPMonitor [v1.41] is an alternative, which even gives you a list of all the dedicated servers online, and also has a chat feature.


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