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Server mod - ADDONS

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Server mod - ADDONS

Post  Jack_PL on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:01 pm

Download Server mod all in one:

Download link

ammmobugcleaner 2.1 (by Poweruser)
anilymver2 (by Coward Heart)
bdm_avignon (by Jakerod)
bdm_lorient (by Jakerod)
feta (by mr2)
freya (by HeinBloed)
kodiak (by Instructor)
mfcti1.16 (
trinity (by Buggs)

How to use:

Place the DT folder inside the Operation Flashpoint directory.
by default it is:

...Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint

Either load the modfolder through OFP Watch / OFPMonitor / etc...


Create a shortcut of your FLASPOINTRESISTANCE.exe and edit the target line so it looks something like:

...Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -mod=DT

Recommended you add -nomap and -nosplash for to avoid some memory problems and to skip the intro screens.

...Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -nomap -nosplash -mod=DT

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Re: Server mod - ADDONS

Post  Frenzy on Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:58 pm

So basically from now on (if equalmodreq is on), you can only connect to the server with clean

"...\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\Addons"
"...\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\Res\AddOns"

folders, and not having any other modfolders loaded apart from DT.


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